Welcome! This blog is a loooooong time overdue. I've made a few other attempts at blogging, but they've never stuck. It's something I've always wanted to do, but the lack of a plan, a focus, and quite honestly, a bit of fear always stopped me from getting to far. Well, now I've got a plan, more focus than I know what to do with, and now that I have those two, the fear isn't quite so great. So let's get started!! 
This is me. Wife, Mother, Shop Owner, Fabric Technician, Crafter. 

I opened my first shop in November of 2011. I started with a line of jewelry and accessories that I really loved. Anyone who has ever opened an Etsy shop knows how intimidating and nerve racking the whole experience can be. I had only ever shopped on Etsy 2-3 times. But I dove in and by March 2012 I was ready to launch my children's line. the rest is history. I would LOVE to add more lines to my brand, but for right now I'm just enjoying the two that I have and working to make them the best possible. 

The other passion of mine is my AMAZING family. I am a stay at home wife to two amazing girls. Frankie Kai and Baylie Rai (hence the Kai Rai Brand). They are both amazing and I'm sure you will read a LOT more about them as time goes on.

Baylie Rai
Frankie Kai

Oh, and I have an amazing (photo shy) husband that I simply adore. I might get a photo of him up on the blog one of these days! =)
So, that's that. So gran a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and get ready to enjoy the ride. I know I will! 

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  1. Congrat's Daughter! I am proud of you. I pray much more success in all you put forth your hands to do.